Avon Venom Bias Touring/Cruising Tire Review


Whether you’re choosing a set of Avon Tires for your Harley, Power Cruiser, Custom, Xtreme Sport, Sport, Sport Touring, Standard, Dual Purpose, SuperMoto, Sidecar or Vintage applications we place an emphasis on precision, quality and performance. Avon has been making motorcycle tires since 1911.

Yet we don’t just rely on our history and decades of experience, rather we build on it. We believe there’s the “feel of the tire”, that subjective element that exists between the rider and the tires that exemplify that the right tires do make a difference. Avon Tires, your only contact with road.


  • Unique sequential pattern produces exceptionally quiet ride
  • Advanced Casing technology for low rolling resistance, cooler running, and high mileage
  • Special sidewall treatment features snake head logo and both narrow and wide white wall
  • Multiarc tread contour for light, neutral turn in and cornering stability
  • Tubeless

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