PWC yam wave

Yamaha PWC See-Through Cargo Bay Pane

Every few rides remove cargo panel and wash in front of tank and generally keep an eye on things. Fabricate a see through panel from poly sheet in 1/8th and just keep an eye on salt crystals, tank hose and wiring loom, and when “necessary” remove and wash in front area.

If you look from starboard side of ski into ski bottom through clear poly you can also see the remote locking receiver box and any salt marks on it.

Pics …

Poly Cover

The pin clips that hold the panel are a remove and refit almost forever.

To release them for removal, depress (push it in) the centre area of it that you can see … its the bit in centre about 1/4 inch across. This allows the 3 barbs to come in so the clip can just be pulled out of the panel holes ..

To re-install … push the centre pin from the rear side of the clip till the centre button on the front sits out about 3/16th …. place clip in holes and push centre pin back to flush …all done …

I’ve never found one (hose clamp) that is loose but you can also undo the fuel cap panel and just nip up the hose clamp on the fuel cap housing barb. Replace clips …like above !

Some clip pics in their different positions …. might save one breaking …

Pic 1 … this is the “installed in craft” and locked, holding panel position … button is flush with body …

Pic 2 … this is the pencil I use to depress the centre button for clip release.

Pic 3 … this is the button depressed you can see how far in it goes ..its not far …

Pic 4 … this is the button pushed out to allow the clip to be placed in the panel holes … when in holes press centre button to flush to lock the clip in position.


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