Superwinch LT3000ATV Winch

Designed to provide maximum performance within the toughest ATV terrains imaginable, the Superwinch ATV3000 winch features a full metal three-stage planetary gear train, a new sealed switching system that gets users out of virtually anything they get into, as well as multiple mounting options and capacities up to 3,000 pounds. Taken together these make it an optimal hardware choice for both serious recreation and work duty.

  • 3,000-lb. capacity
  • 1.9 hp, 12V, permanent magnet motor
  • Powers load in and out
  • Full-metal planetary gear train
  • Ergonomic free spool control for easy engaging/disengaging
  • Mechanical and dynamic braking
  • Four-way roller fairlead with mounting plate
  • 40’ of 3/16” cable
  • Includes handlebar-mount rocker switch and handheld remote

High Efficiency, Low Amp Draw Motor
Providing efficient pulling power whenever and wherever you need it, the Superwinch ATV3000 winch features a high efficiency, low amp draw sealed permanent magnetic motor. This combined with the unit’s solenoid, which disconnects your winch’s electrical system from the battery when your vehicle is turned off, as well as circuit breaker protection ensures that users will always have all the power that they need without taking a toll on their ATV’s battery.

Superwinch ATV3000 winch box contents
Superwinch ATV3000 winch dimensions
Compact but powerful.
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Handlebar mounted on/off switch for Superwinch ATV3000 winch
Multiple on/off toggle options.
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Mechanical Load Holding and Dynamic Braking
Safety should always be an important consideration with any piece of machinery. With this in mind the bi-directional action of the Superwinch ATV3000 features mechanical load holding to minimize the possibility of cable slippage in the event of power failure or surge, as well as dynamic braking of the winch drum to provide the variety of stopping power needed for each job.

Wired and Wireless Remote Switching Options
Although the Superwinch ATV3000 features a standard handlebar mounted on/off toggle switch, real-world conditions and terrain in the field can often make flexibility in how you operate your winch an important consideration. With this in mind the Superwinch ATV3000 features the optional freedom of both a 10-foot wired handheld on/off toggle remote or a wireless remote (both sold separately).

Standard Features:

  • Power in and power out.
  • Mechanical load holding and dynamic brake.
  • Full metal, 3-stage planetary gear-train.
  • Cam action freespooling clutch.
  • High efficiency, low amp draw, sealed permanent magnet motor.
  • Circuit breaker protected.
  • Weather sealed solenoid contactor.
  • 4-way roller fairlead.
  • Heavy duty latched hook with thimble.

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