Motion Pro® Revolver Variable-Rate Throttle Kit

  • Innovative reel changing system allows you to tailor your throttle rate to riding conditions
  • Kit includes 4 reel sizes 35mm, 40mm, 45mm and 50mm
  • Use the smallest reel for slow throttle rate and largest reel for fastest throttle rate
  • Unique reel design allows fast reel changes without having to readjust cables
  • Cable boot keeps dirt and dust out for reliable, smooth operation
  • Billet aluminum tool-less cable adjusters for easy installation and adjustment
  • Removable set screw allows for both drilled and undrilled handlebars
  • Includes Revolver Throttle assembly, Motion Pro throttle cables and DirtControl™ grips
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • Patent Pending
    Revolver Throttle Housing
  • Durable cast aluminum housing
  • Unique inner-guide elbow design allows cables to float for smooth operation
  • Guide elbows are made from acetal for smooth operation and are fully covered to protect them from damage
    Throttle Tube
  • Heavy-duty nylon composite for increased strength and smooth operation
  • Will not scar bars
  • Molded ridges to help secure grips
  • High wall design keeps cables securely on reel
  • Color coded reels for easy identification
  • Heavy-duty nylon composite for increased strength and smooth operation
    Motion Pro RoadControl™ Grips
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Medium density TPR compound provides excellent feedback and control without sacrificing durability
  • Full diamond pattern for an unparalleled feel in both wet and dry conditions
  • Inner diameter optimized to keep grips secure in any conditions
  • Fit 7/8” bars and throttle sleeves
    Throttle Cable
  • Includes high quality Motion Pro throttle cables designed to fit your bike
  • Compact billet aluminum cable adjusters can be adjusted without tools
  • Nylon liner for smoothness and durability

The Motion Pro Revolver Throttle Kit is a variable rate, quick-turn throttle kit designed for use at the racetrack. The stock throttle tube has a pretty wide opening rate and is not adjustable, which can make getting it to full throttle difficult in some situations. Before, when I was coming onto a straight at the track, I had to either twist my wrist into an awkward, and sometimes painful, position to get to full throttle or roll off for a second to readjust my hand position. This costs time, especially at tracks that incorporate long straights or places that require full-throttle, so I wanted to try a quick-turn kit that would allow me to comfortably go to full throttle without having to adjust my hand position. This led me to the Revolver Throttle Kit from Motion Pro.

First Impressions:

The kit is fairly straight forward. There are four cams which you can use to adjust the rate that the throttle opens. The cams attach to a nylon throttle tube and they only fit on it one way, making it easy to put together without any guess work. The cam and cable housing is made of cast aluminum and seems pretty durable. From a ‘crashability’ standpoint, I was kind of disappointed that the cams and throttle tube are made from heavy-duty nylon instead of aluminum, but after thinking about it, I guess it would not make too much of a difference in a wreck. The nylon pieces are probably much cheaper to manufacture and replace and are pretty durable anyway, so it isn’t really a big deal. The stock throttle tube is also made from nylon.

Installation of the Throttle Assembly:
Installation of the throttle kit is pretty simple and is made even easier with the directions that come with the kit. If you can change throttle cables, you can install the Revolver Kit. Remove the tank cover and airbox to expose the throttle bodies. Before installing the new cables, make sure to lube them as they do not come lubed from the factory. Now, take off the old throttle cables and install the Motion Pro cables, making sure to orient them correctly for push/pull. If you mount them incorrectly the throttle will operate backwards. On this bike, the bottom cable end has two lock nuts, while the top has one adjuster and one nut, just like the stock cables.

To choose the cam you want, you’ll need to consider what kind of track you are riding on and what your personal preferences are. The bigger the size of the cam, the faster the throttle will open and the smaller the degree of twist will be. For example, if you are on a very technical track where you need more sensitive throttle control, use the 35mm or 40mm cams. If you are on a high speed track or a track with a long straight and need quicker throttle response, use the 45mm or 50mm cams. Do not start out with the largest cams, because throttle response will be quite different than you are used to, which could put you on your head pretty quick. Start with the smaller cams and then work your way up to the bigger ones one at a time. The cams are color-coded and clearly labeled for easy identification.

Instead of routing the cables around the front of the stock brake reservoir, the new cables will be routed behind and above the cover of the reservoir, so that the Motion Pro logo on the silicone boot faces upward. The assembly comes with a pointed set screw that is installed to help hold the throttle onto the bar, although the main allen screws make it pretty rigid. I tightened everything down, including the set screw so that it would make an impression on the handlebar. Then, I loosened the assembly and used a prick punch to put a divot in the bar so that the set screw had something more substantial to dig into. I then reinstalled the assembly and set screw onto the bar.

Next, install the grip onto the throttle tube. The tube has ridges on it to aid in holding the grip on, but I make sure to safety-wire the grips on anyway. A tip for installing grips – use an air compressor to spray some air between the grip and throttle sleeve, and then push the grip on the tube while there is a cushion of air in between both pieces. The throttle housing has a bevel that gives the grip a bit more clearance so that it does not drag on the assembly. After the grip is on and secure, adjust the slack in the throttle cables to your liking.

Installation of the Start/Stop/Run Switch:

Because the stock throttle housing on the ’03-06 bikes also contains the Start/Stop/Run Switch, you’ll need to install a separate kill switch on the bars. This is where it gets a little tricky, but as long as you follow the wiring diagram in your shop manual, you should be OK. If you get stuck, you can call Motion Pro for guidance on the installation, but I’ve drawn the diagram here for you already. You’ll need to drill a small hole in the bar to allow a holding pin on the new kill switch to mount firmly on the clip-on.

The new kill switch comes with bullet-style connectors to rewire the plug and wiring harness. The bullet connectors would work fine, but I also wanted to retain the ability to easily switch back to my stock throttle housing if I needed to. I went to Radio Shack and picked up three 9-pin connectors, two female and one male, for about $8 total. The female plugs would be installed on both the Motion Pro and stock kill switches, while the male connector is installed on the wiring harness. This way I’ll be able to quickly change back to the stock throttle assembly if I damage the Motion Pro unit. If you need to rewire anything, be sure to solder all of your connections. You don’t need any of these wires coming loose right before a race.


Here is a color-coded wiring diagram for each plug. The view is if you have unplugged the connectors and are looking into the front of the plug. Again, this is only for the ’03-06 CBR600RR, so if you’ve got another model bike, it might be different. The ‘07-09 600RRs come with kill switches separate from the throttle housing, so those do not require any rewiring. Notice that the Switch plugs and Harness plug are mirrored, so if you are using the bullet connectors, the top right switch pin will go with the top left harness pin, etc.



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