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A secondhand and well-worn 1985 Yamaha XJ600 ignited John’s passion for powersports. Spending hours exploring the backroads of Michigan, John eventually landed in Massachusetts, graduated Harvard and pursued a career in business development as well as continued his passion for journalism.

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“What was being published, just wasn’t inspiring.” β€” John on the need for a new kind of motorsports magazine

Adrenaline is the reaction your body triggers when you’re preparing for physical or even mental exertion. Sometimes it’s in response to a fight or flight situation, or sometimes it’s the result of something a little more exciting. It pumps you up, gets you ready for the big fight, or to run faster and farther than you thought possible; it makes you feel immense in the face of your adversary. It’s a rush.

Back then, we felt the press scene for powersports riders needed that shot of adrenaline.

APS logos through the years

Over twenty years ago when we set out to create a magazine for riders and enthusiasts, a lot of the publications were technical, dry, full of advertising, and had stories about vehicles we just didn’t care about. Publications about Harley-Davidsons were a dime a dozen.
Our friends and rider groups were diverse and had interests beyond the domestic market. We wanted to hear more about dirt bikes amid the McGrath and Pastrana eras. We wanted to hear more about those orange, Austrian bikes sweeping the nation. We also wanted to hear, well, about mopeds, too!

Back then the Internet was just coming into play, we distributed our little zine among friends in the West Michigan area but were growing, and we were thrilled to share our expertise and the latest news from around the powersports world with a larger audience.

The APS Website as it looked in early 2012

We turned to the web from 2011 on, while the print publication lasted for only a few more years, the power and scope of the web was becoming ever apparent, this was the future of news blogs, reporting, and social interaction.

In that time we have strived to maintain our spirit of fun, our sense of humor, and, as always, our passion for what is hot and new, as well as offering repair advice or other helpful service hints and tricks.

John and XJ600 in Boston, MA

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John Trends

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