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TRX700XX ITP Wheel Kits

If you’ve had any interest in Honda’s new big-bore sport quad, then you know it comes with 11-inch wheels and tires. Honda says this is necessary for the inner wheel clearance needed for the IRS control arms. Unfortunately, it also limits the rear tire choices for this machine since very few tire manufacturers currently offer an 11-inch rear tire. ย ITP

developed a 10-inchITP T-9 Pro Seriesย wheel that will provide adequate clearance for the TRX700XX A-arms, however, the rims require the removal of the stock mud scrapers. This gives the TRX700XX owner the ability to choose from a wider selection of rear tires, including the ITP Holeshot XCT.

Sharpen Those Footpegs!

If your quad’s stock footpegs have lost their bite, you might not have to invest in an expensive pair of aftermarket pegs just yet. Take a file and sharpen the stock peg’s teeth. You’ll notice a more confident grip the next time you hit the mud. This can be accomplished two or three times before having to replace the stockers. It’s a free fix and only requires time and muscle.

Graphic Content

New graphics can completely change the look of your machine, and if installed correctly, they will stick around for ages. Thoroughly cleaning the plastic is the most important step to prevent peeling. Electrical contact cleaner works extremely well for graphic preparation and will remove any dirt, oil or sticker residue. It dries quickly, leaving the plastic squeaky clean and ready to take on aย boldย new look.

Sparkling Header

If you’re like us, you probably get tired of your headpipes looking like they were salvaged from the Titanic. Saturate your pipe with WD-40 and use a scour pad (such as 3M or Brillo) to scrub it clean. Wipe up the mess with a rag and repeat as needed. That thing should sparkle once again.

via ATV & UTV news.