Dunlop D404 Review

When it comes to motorcycle tires, Dunlop is a name that is definitely rooted in history. With cruiser and touring motorcycles, one of the most essential factors to ensure a safe, not to mention comfortable, ride and grip. Whether on concrete, asphalt or other surfaces, grip plays a huge role in determining how far you can go and how long for. Let’s see some more details about this tire, read on for the full Dunlop D404 review. However, not all tires on the market manage to strike the balance between a long-lived tread life and maximum grip, which often sacrifices the quality of the form. Cruiser tires (such as the Dunlop D404) must be soft for better traction, but they have subpar tread life when compared to harder tires.

The Dunlop D404 seems to be the solution engineers have worked on for years to achieve. It comes as no surprise really, since the company has been considered by many to be the de facto standard for most motorcycle manufacturers—so much so that Dunlop tires are included as OEM parts in many Honda, Kawasaki & Yamaha models. This fact may or may not be good to some, due to complaints of Dunlop tires conking out after only 3000 miles of use. Still, it’s hard to deny that Dunlop is a company that knows how to make good tires—you don’t get to be a household name making subpar products after all. The Dunlop D404 features a tread compound that provides the perfect balance between grip and improved mileage. Grip-wise, the Dunlop D404 was designed to have a unique tread pattern in the front and rear tire, allowing water to be evacuated effectively, whilst maximizing grip on wet surfaces. Indeed, testing showed that the Dunlop D404 excelled in hard rain, even when cruising on speeds of up to 60.

The Dunlop D404 also allowed for precision stopping and good handling, even in torrential downpours. As for weight-carrying capacity, the Dunlop D404 comes engineered with a bias-ply construction, guaranteeing the tire the capability of carrying high loads without compromising a smooth, comfortable ride on the road. An offset center groove supplements a comfortable ride, enabling riders to enjoy stability while driving a straight line. Despite being marketed as a cruiser and touring bike tire, the Dunlop D404 is an all around solution that’s more than a good fit for a variety of bikes, be they cruisers, standard bikes and older bike models.

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