How to Determine Snowmobile Ski Carbide Wear

A snowmobile operates in a harsh environment that is constantly changing. In a single day, a rider can see snow, ice, water and slush. Controlling a snowmobile in this environment can be a challenging task. The job of the carbides is to provide the traction necessary to turn the snowmobile. They are located on the bottom of the ski’s skins and need to be changed periodically. The life span of the carbides varies dramatically according to the conditions they see. Abrasive surfaces like paved roads or rocks will shorten their life

1)ย Lift the front left ski by the handle provided on the end. It is helpful to have another individual lift the ski while you look underneath. Generally, the front left ski will wear faster, as it will see more pavement while traveling down roads.

2)ย Look under the ski at the carbide. It is in the steel round bar that is located in the center of the ski. The carbide is the diamond-shaped material that is embedded in the center of the steel round bar. It generally runs about half of the total length of the bar.

3)ย Determine the condition of the carbide. If the round bar is worn more than half of its diameter or the carbide is missing or damaged, change the carbides. It is advisable to change the carbides well before they completely wear out because they are inexpensive and without them your ability to steer the snowmobile is immensely reduced.

4)ย Repeat these steps for the right ski.

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