How to Clean ATV Plastic

Taking care of your ATV after a long, hard and filthy ride will aid in keeping it in great shape for many years. An ATV is not any different that a vehicle. Proper care and maintenance is crucial in the lifespan of your ATV. When cleaning the plastic of your ATV be precise and maticulous. Follow these easy tips for cleaning your ATV plastic from top to bottom.

1) Shop around. Scan the shelves in the automotive department for a great wax. Regular vehicle wax is fine to use, but you may be able to locate a wax that is made just for ATV plastic. When buying wax, read and compare the application directions and choose a wax that will best fit your needs.

2) Scrub. After a basic wash using a wash cloth, soap up a soft bristle scrub brush and scrub the plastic in a circular motion. With this brush, reach under the rims, fender and bumper.

3) Wash. Washing your ATV is a little trickier than washing a vehicle. Be sure to give a high-pressured blast of water to the under carriage to knock off any dried mud. When washing a vehicle, normally you are only concerned with rinsing the grime collected from the highway, but when you are washing you ATV, you have to knock off dried and caked on mud that has been collected from driving through rugged terrain.

4) Dry and wax. When you are certain that all of the dirt and dried mud has been removed from your ATV, rinse and dry thoroughly. After ATV is completely dry, apply a coat of wax to the plastic according to package directions.

5) Protect. Now that you have cleaned your ATV, it is time to protect it. Since the ATV is constructed primarily of plastic, always check the plastic to make sure that there are no cracks or breaks in the plastic. If there is, arrange to have the broken areas fixed as soon as possible. Always keep your ATV covered with a properly fitted ATV cover. Storing your ATV under an awning or in a garage will also aide in the extended lifespan of your ride.

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