How to Get Debris Out of an Intake Gasket in a Sea-Doo

Sea Doo personal water crafts are fun and exciting recreational vehicles. Their propulsion method is much like that of a jet engine, in that they draw water in through an intake valve/gasket and then spray it out the rear outtake of the engine to propel the boat forward. Depending on where you ride your Sea Doo and how dirty the water is, sometimes debris will be sucked into your intake and clog up the gasket. Cleaning the debris out is fairly simple and can be done by anyone.

1)Β Drive the Sea Doo up onto the repair stand if it will run. If not, have an assistant help you lift it up onto the stand or pull it into the stand. Make sure there is enough room below the bottom of the boat to maneuver around to get to the intake hatch.

2)Β Use the Phillips screwdriver to loosen the bolts surrounding the intake screen on the bottom of the Sea Doo. The bolts are secured with Loctite, so you may need to use the impact wrench to break them free. Remove each of the bolts and pull the intake screen off to reveal the intake valve and drive shaft.

3)Β Use the needle nose pliers and knife to clean in and around the intake gasket. Pull the gasket out of the Sea Doo and remove any debris around the drive shaft. If the gasket is cracked or worn, you should replace it. Use the cloth to wipe any residue out of the gasket and then slide it back in place.

4)Β Slide the intake screen back in place and then screw each of the mounting screws back in with the Phillips screwdriver. Remember to place Loctite on the screws as you reinstall them so that they do not come out while out on the water. Lower the Sea Doo back into the water and turn it on to make sure all debris has been removed from the intake chamber.

Extra tips:

*Β Be careful when removing the intake gasket so as to avoid cutting or breaking it.

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