How to Maintain Polaris ATV Transmission

ATVs may be enjoyable to ride, but if you own one, you know that they’re expensive. An ATV can cost anywhere from $300 used to $5,000 new. Broken parts and repairs can also add up. It’s important that you maintain it properly to avoid unnecessary expenses.


1) Inspect the final drive transmission unit. On the 500 Quad, the final drive and the transmission (high, low, neutral and reverse) are all in one unit. Therefore, when you change the transmission oil, you also change the final drive or final gears for the rear axles. Newer models have a plug on the other side. Pull the plug and let the oil drain.

2) Check linkage and make sure that nothing is loose.

3) Be sure to check that the arm on the shaft is not loose. Tighten any loose bolts.

4) Locate the gearshift indicator switch and make sure it’s working properly. The purpose of the switch is to alert the operator if the vehicle is operating at a speed that could damage the drive belt. If the gear shift indicator isn’t working properly, it could result in costly repairs.

5) Look at the speed sensor for the transmission. Make sure that it’s in a case and protected from any road hazards. Not all transmissions have this sensor.

6) Find the spring on the exhaust and ensure that all bolts and exhaust system are tight and properly in place.