How to Install a Motorcycle Trunk

Gearing up for a long ride usually involves bringing more gear than your motorcycle can carry. Installing a trunk box on your motorcycle can provide the extra room needed to prevent you from having to leave the essentials at home. Motorcycle trunks are available with various luggage capacities and install quickly onto you motorcycle’s luggage racks. Installation is fairly straightforward, however, the task can become complicated if your trunk has an integrated taillight that must be spliced into your motorcycle’s lighting system.


1)ย Lay out the contents of the trunk’s installation kit. Take an inventory of the parts and check it against the parts list included in the trunk’s owner’s manual. In general, the kit should include a mounting base, the trunk and hardware. A three-wire harness should be attached to the trunk if it is equipped with an integral tail and brake light.

2)ย Locate your motorcycle’s tail light wiring, consisting of a tail light wire, a brake light wire and a ground wire. Splice the trunk’s tail light, brake light and ground wires into the motorcycle’s wiring using T-tap electrical connectors. Turn on the motorcycle’s ignition switch and check that the tail light and brake light illuminates properly. Exchange the trunk’s tail and brake light wiring if the brighter brake light illuminates without engaging the brake. Turn the ignition switch off.

3)ย Place the mounting base onto your motorcycle’s luggage rack. Using the included hardware, secure the mounting base to the luggage rack. Shake the mounting base to ensure that it is fastened securely in place.

4)ย Place the trunk onto its mounting base. Using the included hardware, fasten the trunk onto the mounting base. Shake the trunk to ensure that it is fastened securely in place.

5)ย Turn on the motorcycle’s ignition switch and check that the tail and brake lights operate properly. Check for loose connections or pinched wires if the tail or brake lights do not illuminate.

Extra tips:

*Read the instructions provided by the trunk’s manufacturer thoroughly before installing the trunk.

*Apply a drop of medium-strength thread-locking adhesive to the threads of the kit’s mounting bolts to prevent the trunk from vibrating loose while you are riding.

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