How to Replace ATV Shocks

Shocks on an ATV are made to give it its maximum wheel travel. The piggyback shocks have coil springs wrapped around them to provide extra shock absorption. Shocks are vital for ATVs since they are mostly used for recreation and racing. Without the right shocks the ride on the ATV will not only be uncomfortable but it will damage the life of the vehicle.


1) Lift the wheels on the ATV. Use a bench to eliminate weight on the wheels. Remove the shock absorbers and install the new ATV shocks.

2) Place the reservoir in position. Route the hose towards the top of the shock mount. Place bolts through the shock reducer and bottom of the shock mount first.

3) Route the piggyback canister around the ATV chassis in accordance to the ATV model. Align the holes on the top shock mount and the top shock reducer by lifting the suspension. Install the top bolt.

4) Install nuts for the shock mounts. Tighten the nuts on the upper and lower bolts.

5) Attach the piggyback reservoir to the frame using rubber mounts and collars. Tighten the collars on reservoirs to a torque of 10 pounds. Use a torque wrench.

Extra tips:

*Use adjustment ring under the head of the shock absorber to adjust tension in the springs and height.

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