How to Install a Dirt Bike Clutch

The clutch allows you to put your dirt bike into neutral so that you can shift into another gear. If you are going up a steep incline, you will want to be in a lower gear. If you are going at a fast speed, you will want to be at a higher gear. Without the clutch, you would not be able to make these adjustments on the fly as you are riding. This would decrease your riding experience noticeably.


1) Use an 8-millimeter socket to remove the right side engine cover.

2) Shut your fuel line off and tip your bike on its left side. Refer to your bike’s user manual to find the fuel line shut off. Tipping your bike to the side will make it so that you do not have to drain the oil.

3) Insert an engine stop plug into your bike to ensure that your engine does not turn on while you are installing the new clutch. Refer to your engine stop plug’s reference material for correct usage on your specific bike.

4) Locate the six bolts that are securing the friction and drive plates. Use a socket to remove the six bolts.

5) Remove the friction and drive plates by pulling them out of their groove.

6) Slide on the new friction and drive plates that came with your kit.

7) Attach your lower assembly over the thrust washers and secure them with the screws provided with the kit.

8) Reinstall the throwout bearing assembly by sliding it into the slot. You will need to use the throwout bearing shaft provided with your kit.

9) Attach your top plate over the bearing assembly and secure it with the 12 screws that came with your kit.

10) Remove the engine stop plug and stand the bike back up. Reopen the fuel line and then reattach the engine cover.

Extra tips:

*The steps to change the clutch on your dirt bike will vary depending on the make and model of the bike.

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