Bazzaz Z-Fi-TC review

Not long ago, avoiding the slide-snap-splat of a high-side crash was entirely up to the rider. Traction control came down to a sensitive backside, fast reflexes and a seriously smooth wrist. Today, many motorcycles come equipped with sophisticated electronic traction-control systems that make riding at the edge safer and more enjoyable. If your sport bike wasn’t blessed from the factory, Bazzaz Performance has you covered.

Bazzaz’s Z-Fi-TC module combines the company’s professional-grade fuel-injection control, a quick-shifter function and traction control into one unit. Bazzaz’s traction control is a rate-of-change system, meaning no additional sensors or hardware are required. The module taps into the bike’s ECU and monitors engine rpm while referencing gear and throttle position to detect wheel spin, then responds by retarding ignition to cut power and regain traction. Each module comes with model-specific OE-style electrical connectors and is pre-programmed for your bike, making it a true plug-and-play system.

Installing the unit on our Aprilia RSV4R testbike took about 4 hours and required the removal of the seat, tank, fairing and airbox. There are a lot of connectors to plug-in, but the kit comes with clear instructions that make locating all the plugs easy. We also installed the optional TC trim dial/map switch, which plugs directly into the Bazzaz harness.

As delivered, the Bazzaz system was too intrusive, limiting drive at corner exits. But the beauty of this setup—and the reason it’s a top choice for race teams—is the parameters of all the functions are multi-adjustable. After some experimentation with the accessory trim dial, we used the provided software and a laptop computer to reduce the system’s sensitivity at higher rpm and turn off the TC entirely above 80 percent throttle. This yielded good mid-corner assistance while preserving drive and permitting us to steer with the rear at the exit of faster, open turns.

When the system is active, a slight popping can be heard from the exhaust, but aside from that, intervention is transparent. The Z-Fi-TC module also allows fuel-map manipulation and helped us unlock a few extra horsepower from the Aprilia V4, and the quick-shifter is the best we’ve sampled. Whether cruising at low rpm on the street or running near redline at the racetrack, upshifts were crisp and completely seamless.

The accessory trim dial can be used to fine-tune the TC base map on the fly. The toggle sw

The Bazzaz software is intuitive and easy to use. You can choose to skim the surface or dive in and develop a traction-control map tailored to a specific track or set of tires. It is important to note, however, that unlike OE systems designed for safety, this is a perform-ance system intended to optimize acceleration by preventing excessive wheel spin. Even with the settings cranked up, it’s still possible to flick yourself out of the seat. The Bazzaz system is no replacement for good throttle control, but it does give riders a greater margin of safety at the limit.


  • Fuel Control, Quick Shift, and Traction Control in one box
  • State of the art Traction Control technology for faster lap times, better control, & more excitement
  • Adjustable by throttle position, RPM and gear for ideal performance
  • Intuitive software interface for easy tuning
  • Works off RPM rate of change data; no wheel speed sensors necessary

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