How to Remove a Sea-Doo Flywheel

Sea-Doo makes a line of motorized watercraft and boats powered by outboard motors. Each of these motors contains a flywheel. This is a disc that balances the power that is created by the linear motion of each piston in the combustion chamber. You may have to remove this device in order to have it repaired or resurfaced. This is something that anybody with a little engine knowledge can complete in about an hour. Removing the flywheel from a Sea-Doo outboard motor is the same as the removal process for any outboard motor.


1) Dry-dock the Sea-Doo watercraft. Remove it completely from the water to either an elevated dock or to land.

2) Life the engine cover of the Sea-Doo with your hands. This is the cover that rests atop the outboard motor. Most models simply latch shut and open like the hood of a car.

3) Remove the flywheel cover. Loosen and remove the bolts that hold the cover in place. Lift the cover away from the flywheel with your hands. Place the cover to the side.

4) Mark the location of the timing pointer on its mounting plate with a waterproof paint stick. The timing pointer is a small metal piece with a sharp point in its center. It is on the front of the flywheel.

5) Remove the timing pointer. Loosen and remove the bolts that connect the timing pointer to its mounting plate with an adjustable wrench.

6) Secure the flywheel so that it will not turn. Place the flywheel holder on the center point of the flywheel. Have an assistant hold the flywheel holder firmly in place.

7) Loosen the flywheel. Turn the center bolt of the flywheel counterclockwise using an adjustable wrench.

8) Place the crankshaft protector cap on the front end of the crankshaft. The front end of the crankshaft comes through the center of the flywheel.

9) Place the flywheel puller on the center of the protective cap of the flywheel. Turn its bolt clockwise with a 9/16-inch wrench. Continue to turn the bolt until the flywheel releases from the crankshaft.

10) Pull the flywheel off of the crankshaft by pulling the flywheel puller with your hands.

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