How To Change The Wheel Bearings On A Dirt Bike

Here are a few easy steps showing how to change the wheel bearings on a dirt bike. Over time the bearings wear out and need to be replaced. An easy way to check if they need replacing or not is to grip the wheel with your hands on either side as if you are holding the steering wheel of a car. Try to wiggle the wheel by pushing one side forward and the other back towards you. If the wheel bearings are stuffed, the wheel will rattle around as if it’s loose. If this is the case, it’s time to get your hands dirty!

I’m going to demonstrate by changing the rear wheel bearings on Moose’s RMZ 450. (The process for the front wheel is much the same.)

*Firstly – you need to know how to remove the rear wheel on your dirt bike. Here’s how..Prop your bike on a bike stand to raise the wheels off the ground.

*Loosen off the axle nut and screw in the chain adjuster bolts so you can push the rear wheel forward. This will allow the chain to be removed from the sprocket without disconnecting the joiner link.

*Tap the axle out using a mallet. Sometimes if the axle hasn’t been removed in a long time – this is easier said than done! I belted the crap out of my mates KX 250 axle and it still wouldn’t budge. A good reason to change your bearings before they get too bad and grease your axles every 20 – 30 hours or so.

Make sure you clean and grease the axle before re-assembling, and don’t forget to fit the axle spacers the correct way around.
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