How to Repair Squeaky Motorcycle Front Forks

The motorcycle front forks hold the front wheel and axle of the motorcycle through a pair of triple trees. The forks have attachment points where you connect the front suspension and brakes. Technically, the forks hold the front of the motorcycle together so the forks are critical in defining how the motorbike will behave while traveling and how fast it reacts when you apply the brakes.

With constant use, the front forks of the motorcycle can become squeaky and loose in some places. To repair the squeaky front forks of your motorcycle, here is what you need do to.


Step 2 – Inspect the Forks

Before you decide to take the forks apart and do some repairs, take the time to inspect the forks first. In most cases, what makes the forks squeaky is the lack of oil. If the problem with your forks is not so serious and it can easily be solved by putting motor oil to lubricate the squeaky parts, then you need not take the motorcycle forks apart. Simply get your motor oil and carefully apply the oil on the fork. Take care not to spill any of the oil into the calipers. If motor oil gets into the calipers, your brakes not work so be careful.

On the other hand, if after giving your motorcycle a thorough inspection you come to a conclusion that some of the forks parts have become worn out or loose, you may need to take the forks apart and do extensive repairs.

Step 2 – Remove the Forks

Before you remove the forks, make sure that your motorcycle is properly supported. You may use a piece of wood or a car jack to hold the motorcycle upright while you remove the front forks.

Remove the forks one at a time, start by loosing the top pinch bolts that are holding the forks in place. After removing the top pinch bolts, hold the fork in your hand while you loosen the lower pinch bolts. Once the pinch bolt is loose, remove the plastic fork caps. Some types of forks have screw-in caps so you will need your screw screwdriver to get the cap off.

Step 3 – Drain the Oil from the Forks

After opening the fork caps, remove the spring inside the forks and then put the forks on top of the catch pan to drain the oil out. You may have to pump the forks several times before you can drain all the oil out. Once you get all the oil out of the forks, clean the forks using old rags then carefully inspect it for any signs of wear and tear then do the necessary repairs.

Step 4 – Install the Dust Seal and Replace the Oil

When you are satisfied that the forks do not have major damages and dings that need professional attention, install the dust seal on your forks, replace the spring, then put new oil into the forks. To reattach the forks back into the motorcycle, replace the pinch bolts and tighten them.

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