Pipe Maintenance on your dirt bike

When installing your exhaust system, you should remember the seal between the cylinder and the exhaust spigot is crucial to your bike’s performance. On a two-stroke, whenever you remove the pipe, the rubber O-ring (or crush gasket on someΒ Hondas) should always be inspected for any cracks or blemishes. Even if it just has a flattened look to the outside, replace it.

Some bikes have a thin metal ring that goes into the exhaust port to prevent the steel pipe from damaging the aluminum surface the pipe butts up against. Make sure this ring is still in place and in good condition. If new O-rings don’t make a tight fit, you may need to use a thin coat of high-temp silicone to get a secure seal.

Install all pipe springs before you bolt the exhaust into place. This will allow the pipe to get the best seal with no binding. Installing the springs first will allow the somewhat-delicate vibration-canceling rubber mounts to do their job without being torn in half. After every wash, scrub the entire surface of bare steel pipes with a Scotch-Brite pad and some cleaner. Scrubbing will rid your pipe of any corrosion and make it look new again.

If you have a four-stroke, you should always wipe down the header with a Scotch-Brite pad. Keeping the surface looking like new will ultimately make it last longer.

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