Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System For 2011 Honda CRF450R Review

I feel the best aftermarket pipe is one that matches the strong points of the stock pipe and improves on the weak points. This is where the Akrapovic Evolution exhaust does an amazing job. It adds more torque down low, keeps the strong midrange and then adds a little more pull up top. Another big benefit is it still keeps the smooth delivery of the stock Honda, so it gives you the traction youโ€™re looking for without ripping the bar from your hands. Some of the faster riders might want more hit down low, but for the majority, this system will have just the right amount of grunt. The Akro pulls hard through the midrange, and if youโ€™re man enough to hold a 450 wide open, then youโ€™ll feel it pull even harder up top. The claimed increase is 2.5 horsepower.

As far as looks, the Evolution comes with a trick carbon-fiber end-cap and heat shield, so style will be the least of your worries. It lines right up and mounts simply, but you get to align the clamped-on heat shield and carbon muffler clamp, which will allow for some variance if your bike isnโ€™t perfectly straight. The headpipe does sit a couple of inches lower than stock, but itโ€™s protected by an extra layer of titanium. The muffler also sticks out farther than stock, but youโ€™ll find that true with most aftermarket companies trying to keep the sound level down; this one is very similar to stock noise levels, and that is excellent. A spark arrestor insert is included and can be easily swapped out with just a single screw. This insert does take away some of the grunt, though, so I would recommend not running it if you arenโ€™t required to at the track.

The Akrapovic system is a great upgrade for riders looking for that extra edge in power and looks.

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