How to Seat an ATV Tire

ATV tires commonly pop off the rim due to improper inflation or just plain hard fun. Learn how to seat the tire quickly, easily, and cheaply, without commercial seating tools.

1) Take rim off ATV, unless you can tilt it on its side easily and safely.

2) Wrap a webbed tie-down clamp (like you use to tie down truck loads) around the tire and crimp it down until snug.

3) Remove the inside valve with needle-nose pliers, screwing out counter-clockwise (common threaded).

4) Inflate with a quick release hose off an air compressor (regular air chucks won’t work). The quick release female end fits the valve stem pretty well.

5) Manipulate any air leaks between the tire and rim by aggressively moving the tire or crimping down more with the tie-down.

6) Insert valve center quickly, remove tie down webbing and inflate to proper pressure with a regular air chuck.

Extra tips:

*If you are using a coin-operated type compressor (regulate press for air type chuck) then the webbing or belt wrapped around the tire may not work. This method is good for wheel barrow tires, however.

*If you still have rim air leaks and cannot seat it, try some soapy water between rim and tire – forming a tighter seal.

You will need:

* Air compressor with quick release hose.

* needle nose pliers

*Β a length of webbing with come-along- crimper(a short belt or length of rope optional)

*Β possibly soapy water

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