Sport Bike Engine Specs

Understanding the specific details or “specs” of a sport bike will help you make a decision about which sport bike to purchase. While the specifications can give great knowledge, they also can be confusing if it is not clear what they mean. Most specs refer to the engine, measurements and performance of the sport bike


  • When examining the specs of a sport bike it is likely that you will see wheelbase, length width height, ground clearance and seat height. The wheelbase of a sport bike refers to the distance from the center of the front wheel to the center of the rear wheel. The length refers to the entire length of the bike from the front most part to the rear most part. The ground clearance refers to how far off the ground the body of the bike is. This is important for a biker to know before riding on uneven terrain. The seat height simply refers to how high off the ground the seat is. Often (but not always) the seat is adjustable and you will see a range of measurements for the seat height.

Engine Dimensions

  • When discussing the engine, the specifications will usually include cylinders, valves, bore and stroke. The specification details of the cylinder will usually just tell the number of cylinders in the engine. Often a sport bike will have only one or two cylinders. The valve specs will tell you how many fuel injecting valves are available for each cylinder. The bore refers to the diameter of the cylinder and the stroke refers to how far the piston has to travel inside the cylinder to complete a cycle.

Engine Performance

  • The performance specs for a sport bike will include, torque brake horsepower (bhp) top speed and displacement. The torque refers to the twisting power of the engine. Torque is measured in foot-pounds. Similarly, horsepower is also measured in foot-pounds. Top speed refers to the most amount of miles per hour the sport bike can get in the best circumstances. Finally, the displacement refers to how much air (measured in cubic centimeters or cubic inches) and gas the cylinder(s) can move at a specific amount of rpm.For Sport Bike maintenance parts shop with our sponsor