How to Replace a Dirt Bike Tire Tube

The ability to replace a dirt bike’s inner tube is an essential skill for the serious dirt bike rider. Inner tubes can pop or blow out while you are on the trail, leaving you stranded. You should always be prepared, carrying a few hand tools and an extra tube in a small tool pack somewhere on your bike. If one of the tubes pops, you’ll be prepared and be able to change the tube in a few minutes


1) Remove the valve stem lock nut and remove the valve core from the wheel using a valve core tool. Allow the tube to deflate.

2) Hold the wheel upright, placing the rim lock against the ground. Place the middle section of a tire iron over the rim lock and press down firmly to dislodge the rim lock.

3) Lay the wheel on its side, sprocket side down. Step on the sides of the tire to break the seal, or bead, between the tire and the wheel.

4) Push the tire down along its edge to create a space between the tire and the wheel’s rim. Slide the curved end of a tire iron between the tire and rim and press downward to force the tire iron to the wheel’s hub. A small portion of the tire will be lifted up and over the lip of the rim.

5) Hold the tire iron in place and slide a second tire iron between the tire and rim, approximately 5 or 6 inches away from the first tire iron. Press down firmly on the second tire iron to stretch another portion of the tire over the rim. Slowly release the tire irons and pull the remaining lip of the tire off of the rim by hand.

6) Pull the old tube out of the tire.

7) Partially inflate your new tube and check for leaks. Insert the partially inflated tube into the tire and push the valve stem through the stem hole on the rim. Secure the valve stem by screwing the lock nut over the stem.

8) Align your tire iron with the valve stem and lever the tire back over the lip of the rim. Hold the tire in place and use a second tire iron to work around the wheel, levering small portions of the tire over the rim until the tire is seated.

9) Inflate the tube to 56 psi (pounds per square inch) with an air compressor to set the tire’s bead.

10) Deflate the tube slightly and adjust the tire pressure as desired.

Extra Tips:

*Carry a CO2-powered inflation tool to fill the inner tube in a trail-side emergency.

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