Dalton Industries Clutch Kits for the 2012 Kawasaki 750 Brute Force 4X4 Review

2012 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4X4 – 28″ Aggressive Mud Tire/Mud use and all 29.5″ and larger tires only. This kit is also applicable for 26-28″ aftermarket tires at high elevation (above 4000 ft) *

The 2012 BF 750 model has a different engine configuration than previous model years. This kit helps re-calibrate the shift pattern for best performance in mud, as well as the very large / heavy tire sizes. This kit includes Dalton’s Quick Adjust cam arms that make the kit easy to adjust for different conditions. Although it is well known that heavy mud tires hurt performance, this clutch kit can help bring your ATV back to life. There are also settings included in this kit for the use of 26-28″ tires for deep sand and high elevation. The “set up guide” for different tires/conditions is included in the instructions. One adjustable kit that covers a lot of different applications!

* If you are running typical aftermarket 26-28″ tires for mixed use, and operate mostly at 0-4000 ft elevation you should use the kit part number DK750 B12.

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