How to Remove a Dirt Bike’s Front Sprocket

The front sprocket on a dirt bike is on the motor attached to the countershaft. Removing a front sprocket to install a new one with more teeth changes the dirt bike’s gear ratio, and provides greater acceleration. The front sprocket on a dirt bike also suffers wear and tear from the drive train and should be replaced periodically to keep the bike in good condition. Removing the front sprocket takes little time to complete.


1)ย Loosen the lock nut on the rear axle with a 22mm socket wrench.

2)ย Loosen the lock nuts on both sides of the swing arm with a 10mm socket wrench.

3)ย Place a dirt bike stand underneath the motor to lift the rear wheel off the ground. Push the rear wheel forward to loosen the drive train.

4)ย Use a 6mm Allen key and loosen the socket bolts on the front sprocket cover on the left side of the motor. Pull the cover off.

5)ย Pull the drive chain off the front sprocket. Use a 22mm socket wrench and loosen the front sprocket’s nut and washer. Pull the sprocket off the countershaft.

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