How to Replace a Sea-Doo GTX Impeller

Damaged Sea-Doo GTX impeller will need to be replaced, typically because a small stone has made it past the protective grate and into the propulsion system. Even a minor change in the surface of the impeller will have a significant impact on top speed and acceleration. If the impeller is damaged, you will need to purchase a new one as fixing a broken impeller is generally more expensive. With a few common tools, you can replace the impeller in a day.


1) Detach the ball joint of the reverse cable and springs from the reverse gate.

2) Disconnect the steering cable from the jet pump nozzle.

3) Remove the four nuts and washers that secure the jet pump housing with a ratchet and socket. Remove the jet pump by wiggling it out by hand.

4) Insert an impeller shaft holder into the end of the impeller. Secure both sides of the holder to the impeller housing with two of the bolts removed in Step 3.

5) Heat the center of the impeller with a propane torch to approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit to break the loctite seal.

6) Insert the shaft holder into a vise and insert an impeller removal tool into the center of the impeller.

7) Turn the impeller removal tool counterclockwise until the impeller is unscrewed. Pull on the impeller, while rotating it, to remove it from its housing.

8) Apply loctite to the new impeller and install it in the reverse order of its removal. Torque the impeller to 52 foot-pounds of torque with a torque wrench.

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