Installing Custom ATV Wheels

All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are fast, fun off-road vehicles that can go pretty much anywhere on the trail. They come in a variety of sizes and applications, from the motocross bred racer to the rugged utility bike. While all manufacturers put a lot of work into ATV styling, that effort doesn’t always extend to the wheels; thus, sometimes it is necessary for true ATV enthusiasts to install custom wheel sets to beef up their vehicle’s aesthetics. You could have the wheels installed at a shop, but to save money you can also have the shop install the tires on the wheels and then mount the wheels on the ATV yourself. This cuts down on labor costs and gives you experience working with your ATV


1)Β Lift the ATV up to rest the frame on the cement blocks with the assistance of a helper. Make sure all four wheels are off the ground, then put the ATV in gear. Use the ratchet set to loosen and remove the four-wheel mount bolts holding each wheel on.

2)Β Pull each of the wheels off and take to your local tire shop to have them remove the tires from your old wheels and then mount and balance them on the new custom wheel set.

3)Β Slide the custom wheels onto the wheel studs and then tighten down the mounting bolts to hold the wheels on. Tighten the bolts in a star pattern to evenly seat the wheels and then remove the cement blocks with the assistance of your helper.

Extra Tips:

*Β Sometimes custom wheels will require a different tire size, so check the manufacturer’s specifications to make sure you don’t need to buy new tires as well.

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