Works Connection Honda Skid Plates

Skid plates, like the type manufactured by Works Connection, help protect your bike against any debris on the track. This is an obvious concern when racing off-road, considering the route may be littered with rocks, branches, and other natural impedances, but the thought might not even cross the mind of those who spend most of their time racing around a proper track. Since many newer model Hondas do not include a factory installed skid plate, many new riders, especially those who are used to racing on fully groomed tracks, are not even aware of the benefits of installing a skid plate onto your bike – but there are many.

Debris can find its way onto the track in a variety of ways. Unruly fans may throw litter or other junk onto the track, or a track worker may forget to fix a small pothole or bump – and unless you have a proper skid plate installed, the results can be disastrous for your Honda bike. Other hazards include track jumps, which can cause you to case your dirt bike, and even other bikes or riders that have fallen.

Any one of these hazards can cause damage to – amongst other valuable parts – your bike’s frame or crankshaft. The frame and crankshaft also happen to be the two most expensive parts to replace on your Honda bike, so any way you can add protection here will be worth it in the end.

The Works Connection skid plate, like all other equipment from Works Connection – is a solid, durable piece of gear. It weighs in at 17.5 ounces, including all of the mounting hardware, so it will not add a lot of additional weight to your machine. The plate itself is made from aircraft grade aluminum, so it can certainly withstand some abuse. It also includes aluminum brackets for mounting.

This particular skid plate stands out from other plates for a variety of other reasons, too. It includes an ignition cover guard, so you’ll receive the maximum amount of protection from the Works Connection skid plate. It also features drain plug access for quick and easy maintenance of your bike. If you need even greater protection than what is offered by Works Connection’s basic skid plate, there are other models available, including a heavy-duty skid plate and an extended coverage skid plate.

Works Connection designed their Honda skid plates with six mounting points in order to make a solid connection between the plate and your bike. Despite the increased number of mounting points, installation of the Works Connection skid plate can be performed by anyone with basic mechanical knowledge and the right set of tools. All that is required is an 8mm socket wrench for the bolts on the front clamps, a 10mm socket wrench for the engine guards, and a Phillips screwdriver for the rear clamps. The unit comes with a full set of instructions, so you will not be left guessing at what part goes where.

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