How to Install a New Motorcycle Transmission

The motorcycle transmission installation is an interesting affair. It gives you the change to check the health of the other related components as well. If you need to install a new motorcycle transmission, here’s how you do it.


Step 1 – Prior to Installation

Before you start with installing the motorcycle transmission, inspect related parts. You might need to upgrade a few components like the generator bearing, the seal and the clutch.

Step 2 – Removing the Transmission Top

Start with installing the motorcycle transmission by first removing the top from the transmission. This will help in accessing the two mounting bolts at the top of the transmission.

Step 3 – Fitting the Transmission

Now place the motorcycle transmission into the engine. But let the bolts stay loose. They need not be tightened at his point.

Step 4 – Aligning the Transmission

Use a straight edge to align the motorcycle transmission to the engine. You can also use a inner cover to achieve the accurate alignment. Fit it through the flange of the transmission with blots.

Step 5 – Tightening the Bolts

The next step is to secure the transmission to the motorcycle engine. For this the bolts have to be tightened. After tightening the bolts the motorcycle transmission must sit flat and in alignment.

Step 6 – Fitting the Sprockets

Before you fit the sprockets, make sure to remove the inner cover. The engine sprocket has to be fit into the drive shaft. Also the clutch sprocket has to be attached to the motorcycle transmission. Do no place the lock washer or the key at this point. Now make sure the nuts are tightened.

Step 7 – Checking the Alignment

At this point the mating surface should be clean, the chain need not be placed right now. Use the straight edge to check the alignment. Do this by placing the edge at the sprockets teeth area. If you find that it is not aligned accurately then place shims behind the sprocket. Take out the sprockets.

Step 8 – Fitting the Primary

The inner primary has to be fit into the motorcycle transmission and the engine. Also fit the gaskets. The gaskets will eliminate any occurrence of leaks.

Step 9 – Fitting the Screws

Now the countersunk screws have to be inserted. Apply a sealant under the countersunk screws before you place them. This will prevent oil leaks.

Step 10 – Fitting the Generator Shaft

The drive shaft of the generator has to be fit into the unit. This will center the sprockets between the side links of the chain. Make sure to use the right thrust washer.

Step 11 – Placing the Sprockets Back

The sprockets have to be placed back into position. Check the alignment. Do not place the keys yet. If the alignment is right remove the sprockets.

Step 12 – Final Step

In the final step, clean the drive shaft and the engine sprocket with thinner. Place woodruff key and roller key to the drive shaft and the motorcycle transmission shaft respectively. Slide the assembly into position. Generator drive should also follow suit. Tighten the sprockets with lock washers.

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