How to Install a Polaris ATV Mirror

Being aware of your surroundings is an important part of riding a Polaris ATV safely. Staying focused on the trail ahead can make it difficult to see what’s behind you without turning your head. Polaris offers a set of mirror kits that can be fitted to any of the company’s ATVs, allowing you to see behind your ATV without too much distraction. The mirrors are screwed into a set of two-piece brackets that clip onto your ATV’s handlebars. Installing the mirrors is a quick task that can be completed within 15 minutes, giving you more time to enjoy the ride.


1)ย Separate the mounting brackets. Unscrew the bracket’s bolts with a 5-mm Allen wrench, then pull the bracket apart.

2)ย Place the mounting bracket around the handlebar, just forward of the hand switch control. Screw the bracket’s bolts loosely into place with a 5-mm Allen wrench.

3)ย Screw the mirror’s threaded post onto the handlebar-mounted bracket. Loosely tighten the lock nut on the mirror’s post against the top of the bracket with a 12-mm combination wrench.

4)ย Sit on the ATV and rotate the mirror and its bracket until you can see clearly behind the ATV.

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