How to Resurface a Motorcycle Brake Rotor

The benefit of resurfacing motorcycle brake rotor is that it enhances optimal performance when brake pads have been replaced. It is possible to do this at home while carrying out inspection or repair on break pads. The overall effect is that it improves braking and stopping. It also prevents problems such as noise and screeching that comes about if there are problems with the bake pad system.

Step 1 – Buy the Correct Brake Rotor

There are different types of rotor brakes available in the market. Buy an exact fit for the motorcycle. The old one can be removed and taken to a mechanic’s or garage store to help get the exact model.

Obtain other tools as rentals from a garage or mechanic’s store.

Step 2 – Place Bike in Safe Position

Ensure the bike is positioned safely before carrying out any kinds of repair. Put on protective gear as well. Get a spacious and clean surface and assemble all equipment. This prevents any injuries or accidents from taking place. Support the bike on a center stand so that the front wheel can rotate freely.

Step 3 – Locate Brake Rotors

Locate the components on the brake pads so as to inspect the brake rotors and make a replacement if it is necessary. Start by removing fork legs. Locate the bolts and loosen them using a pair of pliers. Place them on a safe surface. Use nose clip pliers to locate to remove retaining pins and clips from the component.

Step 4 – Replace the Brake Rotor

Locate brake pads by removing calipers in the compartment. Check if they are in good condition and place them on a safe surface. Locate brake rotors. Inspect them for any damage or tears.

Wipe away any signs of grease, oil or dirt. Get new brake rotors and safely put them back in position. Replace brake pads and secure them in place as well.  Return retaining clips and pins back in position. Reinstall calipers in the front leg by using a torque wrench. Make sure it is firm by pumping in pressure. This allows the brake system to work in good condition.

Brake rotors can be replaced at home. Make sure that safety measures are enforced when carrying out repairs. Use necessary equipment and tools to be safe.

Extra Tips:

  • Get new brake rotors if the old ones are worn out or have hard spots on them.
  • Take care of motorcycle brake pads as well. Split, worn out or damaged brake affect brake rotors and easily causes them damage.
  • Brake pads and brake rotors should be well maintained as they can lead to changes in breaking performance
  • Keep brake rotors from contact with grease, this easily spoils them.

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