How to Repair a Suzuki 80 Dirt Bike

The Suzuki 80 is a small, off-road motorcycle targeted towards young riders. Just like regular-sized motorcycles, the Suzuki 80 requires regular maintenance to keep the bike running properly. However, problems can arise that could diminish the performance or damage the engine. If problematic signs appear, repair your vehicle’s parts as soon as possible to avoid any further mishaps with the bike. As they are common problems in dirt bikes, repairing parts like the air intake, suspension and exhaust system will keep everything running smoothly for much longer.


Air Filter

1) Unbolt the side panels to access the seat bolts of the Suzuki 80. Unscrew these seat bolts and pull the seat off of the bike. The air filter box is located underneath the seat of this junior bike, so the panels and seat must be removed in order to access.

2) Unsnap the hardware that holds the air filter box together. Open the air filter box to access the filter and remove from its resting position.

3) Dispose of the old filter and open the packaging that contains the new air filter. Use the air filter oil to properly lubricate the new air filter before installing this new part.

4) Lower the air filter into the slot of the filter box. Your replacement filter should exactly as the old one was removed. If it does not fit securely, then you need to make sure this filter is made for the Suzuki 80.

5) Position the seat and secure with all of the old bolts. Tighten these bolts so that the seat is not loose in any way. Reattach the side panels to the dirt bike.


6) Remove the bolts that hold the rear fairings to the dirt bike. Pull these rear panels off the bike to access the exhaust pipe.

7) Unscrew the bolts that hold the stock exhaust pipe to the engine block of the Suzuki 80.

8) Pull the exhaust pipe off of the hanging hardware and away from the engine. Set the old exhaust pipe aside and out of the way. Properly dispose of this engine part properly.

9) Position the new exhaust pipe so that it lines up perfectly with the cylinder port of the Suzuki 80. Make sure that the exhaust pipe fits into the hanging hardware. Secure this pipe with the provided bolts in the exhaust kit.

10) Reattach the rear fairings of the bike with the old bolts. Tighten these bolts to secure.

Oil and Oil Filter

11) Place a recycling container underneath the oil pan of the Suzuki 80. A dirty exhaust output is a symptom of burning oil, indicating that the oil needs to be changed immediately.

12) Remove the oil filler cap to relieve pressure in the oil system. Pull the drainage plug from the bottom of the oil pan and let all of the old oil drain into the recycling container.

13) Replace the drainage plug once all of the oil has drained completely. Turn the oil filter cap counterclockwise with a wrench and pull out to remove. Pull the old oil filter away from the oil filter cap with your hand to remove. Position the new oil filter into place. Replace the oil filter and cap with your hand.

14) Pour 1 qt. of motor oil into the oil compartment of the Suzuki 80’s engine using the funnel. Replace the oil filler cap and start the engine.

15) Let the engine idle for about 5 minutes and then check the oil levels on the dipstick. If necessary, add more oil to the engine compartment. Replace the dipstick when you are finished.

Extra Tips:

* Wear gloves and protective eyewear at all times to avoid injury and maintain a clean work space

* Wait until the engine is completely cool before repair the vehicle

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