How to Clean Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes

If your motorcycle exhaust pipes have accumulated a noticeable amount of dirt and debris, you may be curious about how to clean them. Fortunately, cleaning a motorcycle’s exhaust pipes is a job anyone can tackle with a few easily obtainable tools.

Step 1 – Apply Your Metal Cleaner

Begin the cleaning process by spraying your motorcycle exhaust pipes with a commercial metal cleaner. When purchasing your cleaning solution, make a point of selecting one designed for use with the type of metal of which your exhaust pipes are composed. After allowing the cleaner to set in for several minutes, use a scrubbing pad, scrub brush, washcloth or sponge to wipe the pipes clean.

Step 2 – Rinse Your Pipes

Having given your motorcycle exhaust pipes a thorough scrubbing, you’re ready to rinse them. Use a dampened washcloth or a water-filled spray bottle to wipe away all traces of your cleaning solution. Once you have sufficiently rinsed the pipes, use a clean cloth to dry the pipes.

Step 3 – Apply Your Metal Polish

Finally, use a soft cloth or rubbing pad to apply polish to your pipes. As was the case when selecting a cleaner, make sure the polish is designed to be used in conjunction with the type of metal of which your exhaust pipes are composed.

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