Installing Sparks Ignition Advance Key for ATV’s

We all want one thing, more power for less money. Such a thing rarely exists and when it is found, it is usually limited to a small few. Well if you crave more power without denting your wallet, look no further than a Curtis Sparks Ignition Advance Key. It is a key that advances your timing 6 degrees giving a snappier throttle and more horsepower. Please note that Curtis Sparks does not recommend this on modified motors due to the extra heat it will generate, so only run this on stock motors.

I ordered the key for $15 plus shipping directly from Sparks and I had it in about a week. It came with the key to replace the stock woodruff and a flywheel puller (basically a large bolt). My only complaint was the lack of detailed instructions, but take your time and you can’t go wrong. The first thing you must do is either drain your oil or prop a rear tire up about 1 foot in the air (so that the oil will not drip), it’s up to you.

For the install, you will need:

– Impact Wrench (You can use a ratchet and a friend but the process will be much harder).
– New left side case gasket.
– Sparks Key.
– Flywheel Puller
– Various Sockets and a Rachet

To begin, disconnect the neutral light plug, take off the shifter, and remove the bolts that hold on the left side case and remove the side case.

Once removed you will see the flywheel bolt in the center of the flywheel. Use the impact wrench and remove the bolt.

With the bolt removed you will notice that the flywheel puller fits right in there. Use some grease and grease up the first few threads of the flywheel puller and thread it into the flywheel. Use the impact wrench and upon tightening the bolt the flywheel will pop off.

With the flywheel off you will be able to locate the stock key on the shaft. I used a screwdriver and hammer to lightly tap the back of it until I could get in under the key to remove it. With the key removed, place the Sparks key in the shaft with the red portion on the key facing away from the engine. Make sure the key is placed evenly on the shaft.

With the key in place, put the flywheel back on. You will see a spot in the flywheel for the key to line up with. Get the flywheel all the way on and spin it to the left until it comes to a stop. Make sure you are spinning the flywheel and not cranking the whole engine over. Once it comes to a stop, hold it in place, put the flywheel bolt back in, and tighten with the impact wrench. You’re Done! You just increased your timing six degrees.

Make sure before you put the side case back on that you remove any remains of the old gasket and inspect both the case and flywheel area for dirt. Put the new gasket on, tighten all the bolts, put your shifter back on, and hit the trails!

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