Cleaning a Dirt Bike Chain

As with any hobby or sporting activity, proper equipment maintenance is vital to ensuring safety as well as enabling you to give your best performance. Dirt biking is no different, and cleaning your chain regularly is one of those important maintenance steps to keep your bike operating in prime condition. The proper method for cleaning your chain will vary somewhat, depending on the type of chain.


Cleaning on the Bike

1) Put your bike up on a crate or stand to provide easy access to the chain.

2) Scrape off any caked on mud or debris, using a wire brush. If you have an O-ring chain, simply wipe with a rag, as a wire brush could potentially damage it.

3) Check to ensure proper chain adjustment according to manufacturer’s instructions, as each bike will vary.

4) Lubricate the chain using a spray chain lubricant while spinning the wheels.

Cleaning Off the Bike

5) Put the dirt bike up on a crate or stand for easy access.

6) Remove the chain carefully.

7) Soak the chain in a container of solvent, such as kerosene or gasoline, until all of the grease and grime has dissolved away. Scrub a bit with a wire brush if necessary.

8) Remove the chain from the solvent and hang it to dry until all of the solvent has evaporated.

9) Put the chain in a pot of lube oil for an hour or so, agitating it every so often so the oil can penetrate fully.

10) Hang briefly to let any excess oil drip off.

11) Reattach the chain to the bike. Check to ensure proper adjustment.

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