How to Rebuild a Jet Ski Pump

Jet Ski is a brand name of personal water craft (PWC) manufactured by Kawasaki. However, the term is also used to generically describe most PWC’s. The engines of the Jet Ski are kept cool by the use of a pump and impeller system. The pump and impeller circulate water through the Jet Ski’s engine, which prevents it from overheating. Pump and impeller kits are sold at marine retail shops. Installation will take one to two hours.


1) Use a socket set or an impeller tool to loosen and remove the bolts that hold the Jet Ski’s ride plate in place and then lift the plate off.

2) Unbolt the four bolts holding the pump unit into place with the socket set.

3) Pull the siphon bilge out and then disconnect the cooling line hoses by unscrewing the hose clamps with a screwdriver. Also remove the steering cable with the screwdriver.

4) Pull the pump body off and use a putty knife to remove any bits of the old gasket around the pump seal.

5) Use the socket set to remove the pump’s reduction nozzle in order to get to the impeller. Remove the impeller nut with the socket set. Clean out the inside of the Jet Ski’s pump housing.

6) Apply a thin coat of marine grease to the new impeller and then slide into place. Replace the impeller nut with the socket set and then re-install the pump’s reduction nozzle.

7) Apply some marine silicone sealant to the new gasket and attach it to the bottom of the pump body and then set it back into position.

8) Replace the siphon bilge and re-connect the steering cable and the cooling line hoses.

9) Insert and tighten the pump unit’s retaining bolts. Also re-install the Jet Ski ride plate.

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