Pro Circuit TI-5 Exhaust Review

This unique exhaust by Pro Circuit is certainly in the top contenders for the best that are on the market. A design that will increase your horsepower without upsetting the AMA or FIM sound requirements, this outstanding piece of equipment will have you wondering why you ever considered any other exhaust for your bike!

Pro Circuit has been a top name brand in the motocross world for a long time now, and if you haven’t checked out their products, now is the time to do so. A design that gives racers a great sound without breaking any of the rules that are set forth by AMA, the TI-5 is truly a product of great quality.

The asymmetric shape is created to produce the best sound possible and also to increase the horsepower of the bike. You can say goodbye to seeing 4th and 5th place in your moto just because your bike isn’t as powerful as your competitors’. The TI-5 Exhaust is one that will have you leaving all of your friends in the dust.

At just under $900, the Ti-5 exhaust certainly isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for. Pro Circuit didn’t skimp on any features with this exhaust system, including your choices. Unlike competitors brands, you are able to choose between either a through and through titanium exhaust that is adorned with a titanium end cap, or a carbon fiber end cap to take off a little bit of extra weight. The carbon fiber is also a very stylish choice that many racers are beginning to migrate towards.

In addition to its great design and choice of materials, the Pro Circuit TI-5 comes with a few extras. The shape of the exhaust has an increased packing volume, so it only seems right that the company provide customers with an additional silencer packing kit along with the product.

One thing that really stands out with this Pro Circuit exhaust is the way it is formed. Instead of the traditional heat treating used for most mufflers, this one uses a specialized TIG welding technique, ensuring no air pockets and featuring a sturdy and solid design that you will be able to rely on time and time again.

After all has been considered, the Pro Circuit Ti-5 exhaust is one force to be reckoned with. Rising competitor brands, Pro Circuit has really outdone themselves with this one. You’ll be tearing around the track and have your bike sounding like a champion from the moment that you start it up with the Ti-5 Exhaust.

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