How to Install Motorcycle Handlebar Weights

Accessories are everything for someone who is very particular about his motorcycle, and that includes the motorcycle handlebar weights. The motorcycle handlebar weights are located at the very end of the bike’s handlebar grip. There are different colors and makes of end weights available in the market, and a simple change can really mean a lot in the overall appearance of your motorcycle.


Step 1 – Unscrew the Handlebar End Weight

Most newbies try unscrewing the handlebar end weights of their motorcycles but then the weight only rotates with the bolt which makes the task not just difficult but also excruciatingly frustrating. In order for you to prevent this from happening, you need to hold on to the handlebar end weights tightly while you try unscrewing the bolt out. As long as you exert the necessary force, you will be able to unscrew the bolt out easily. Remember to hold onto the end weight and not the grip lest you want the weight to just rotate every time you use the screwdriver.

Step 2 – Dry Fit the New Handlebar End Weight

Not all kinds of handlebar end weights are compatible with the motorcycle that you have. This is why you need to dry fit the bar end weight first to your motorcycle grip before screwing all the way in. If the end weight does not fit all snugly into the grip, you will have to cut the ends of your motorcycle grips. Mark the portions of the grip that you have to slice off with a pencil before actually doing so with a sharp knife.

If you don’t think that the existing grips of your motorcycle are appropriate to the new weights that you are attaching, you can always remove the old grips by slicing them off and them replacing a new pair. Apply a coat of glue on the bar before pushing the new grips in.

Step 3 – Modify the Throttle Sleeve

There are handlebar end weights that do not fit inside the throttle sleeve of your bike. Maybe your bike’s throttle sleeves are just too small for your end weights. To remedy this problem, you need to make the opening of your throttle sleeves large enough to fit the end weights. To do this, insert a sharp blade into the throttle sleeve and until a slice is made. Carefully increase the diameter of the throttle sleeve hole in your bike. Make sure that you are using your thumb to support the blade to stay in the safe side. Clean the scraps off in order for you to come up with a clean job.

Step 4 – Attach the New Handlebar End Weights

Once you have everything fitted perfectly, you can finally screw in the new handlebar end weights that you have. Simply do so by screwing the bolts in the reverse manner of removing the handlebar ends. Screw the weights tightly.

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