How to Fix the Fuel Line on a Polaris ATV

Repairing a Polaris ATV fuel line is not unlike repairing the fuel line in your road car. The fuel line runs directly from the fuel tank, through a fuel pump, then through a filter, then into the fuel injection unit. Replacing torn fuel lines on the trail is a bit more difficult, so it pays to carry a short length of rubber fuel line in your tool kit wherever you go as a precaution. 


1) Trace the source of the problem by first removing the ATV’s side covers, which house the fuel injection system and the lines leading to the fuel tank.

2) Determine which length of hose is leaking with a visual inspection, then use the needle nose pliers to remove the fittings which hold the burst fuel line in place.

3) Remove the burst tube, then hold your thumb over the fuel tank outlet to prevent further fuel spillage.

4) Replace the burst rubber fuel line with the new length of line, being certain to slide the fittings over the new length of fuel line before sliding them into place over the connectors.

5) Tighten down the fittings which hold the fuel line in place, then reinstall the side panels of the ATV.

Extra Tips:

* Changing the fuel lines of Polaris ATVs during routine maintenance will help avoid dirt clogs, which can make their way through the fuel tank into the lines.

* Avoid working on a hot ATV engine due to the risk of burns and fire.

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