Suzuki ATV Service Specifications

Like most engine and automobile manufacturers, the Suzuki has a recommended set of guidelines for maintaining and repairing its line of all-terrain vehicles. Following these tips and directions, as well as those outlined in the Suzuki service manual, will help to ensure driver safety and vehicle longevity.

Oil and Filter Maintenance

  • Changing the oil of your Suzuki all-terrain vehicle is one of the most routine steps for keeping the vehicle running properly. Suzuki recommends changing the oil every 100 hours of engine use or every 3 months, whichever comes first. While keeping the oil and oil filter clean is a common practice, choosing the right oil is dependent on how hard and often the ATV is used. A synthetic-based oil is recommended for competitive circumstances, operating at high temperatures and great distances. A conventional oil will improve fuel efficiency when used at a lower temperature and less harsh environment. Another routine service function for any Suzuki all-terrain vehicle is replacing the air filter. This will improve gas mileage and engine performance. While any paper filter will make a fine replacement, investing in aluminum wire air filters can add even more performance and fuel efficiency. These type of filters also last much longer than paper filters, and only need to be cleaned routinely instead of being fully replaced.

Tire Pressure

  • Maintaining adequate tire pressure is essential. Tire pressure should be checked before every ride, and the amount of pressure depends on what type of riding you will be doing. If light, trail riding is your objective, the recommended, maximum amount of air should suffice. If you plan on traversing terrain with lots of rocks and uneven surfaces, lighten the amount of air present in the tires. All four tires should always have the same amount of air, no matter what setting you choose.

Shock Service

  • A common design found in newer Suzuki all-terrain vehicles is adjustable shocks, available in front and rear suspension kits. Because the type of terrain and intensity of the trail can vary drastically, adjustable shocks give riders the ability to maintain a well-balanced vehicle. If the terrain and amount of hours put on your Suzuki is extreme, inspection of all shocks should become a routine task before and after each ride. If you are unsure of proper shock inspection and maintenance, consult your owner’s manual or

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