Installation of ATV Nerf Bars

Nerf bars not only look great on most ATVs, but they also provide safety in preventing a foot from sliding below the foot-peg line. Installation of these parts is quite easy, and while cost isn’t a very big issue, there is really no reason not to install UM nerf bars on your ATV. Doing so requires only a few basic tools and 10 to 15 minutes of your time.


1)ย Park your ATV on a flat surface where you can access the vehicle from the side.

2)ย Slide the nerf bars underneath the ATV, with the bar ends to the front.

3)ย Slide the bar ends of the nerf bars through the lower frame and press the bars into one another. Secure them with the clip provided.

4)ย Lift the rear of the nerf bars and line up the bolt holes with the pre-drilled holes on the rear frame.

5)ย Use a 12 mm socket wrench to tighten down the bolts until the nerf bars are snug against the ATV’s frame.

Extra Tips:

*ย It may be desirable to have another person assist you in holding up the bars as you tighten the mounting bolts.

*ย Always use caution and stay aware of pinch points when working around ATV parts.

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