How to Repair a Flat Motorcycle Tube Tire

Motorcycle tires often have an inner tube under the tire, which holds the air and keeps the tire inflated. Repairs to an inner tube are simple and straightforward; you’ll need to purchase a patch-repair kit from a motorcycle or bicycle retailer. If the hole in the tube is very large or has multiple holes, or if the hole is on the tube’s seam, you may not be able to repair it; purchase a new inner tube. if this is the case.

Instructions: Wheel Removal

1) Raise the bike off the ground and support its weight evenly. You will need to have safe and secure access to the wheel you are working on without the bike falling.

2) Loosen the nuts that secure the wheel to the front forks with a socket set, and disconnect the brake and other component parts, then slide the wheel out of the forks. If you are working on the back wheel, loosen the nuts that secure the wheel to the swing arm, disconnect the brake and other component parts, including the chain, and then slide the wheel out.

3) Lay the wheel on a bench or similar flat surface.

4) Fully deflate the tire.

5) Place a tire spoon or similar lever under a section of the tire’s rim. Slowly lift the lever up so the bead of the tire is visible. Place a second lever a few inches away and lift the bead over the rim. Remove the first lever and lift the bead over the tire some more. Push your fingers under the tire and pull this side of the tire over the rim all the way around.

6) Grab the valve of the tire where it pokes through the rim and pull it out and away from the wheel. Continue to pull the tube out of the wheel until it is completely removed.

7) Inflate the inner tube; you may be able to see the hole straight away, or feel where the air is escaping. If not, put the tube in a bucket of water and watch for bubbles.

8) Deflate the inner tube, and dry it with a paper towel. Buff the area around the hole at least as large as the patch with the sandpaper or metal scraper included with the patch kit.

9) Apply the glue, also included in the kit onto the buffed area. Let the glue dry, as described in the kit’s instructions. Peel the backing off the patch and press it firmly onto the glued area. Do not touch the sticky side of the patch as this could compromise the glue’s effectiveness. Hold the patch onto the tube for a few seconds.

Inner Tube, Tire and Wheel Replacement:

10) Push the tire aside and check the inside of the wheel with your fingertips for anything that could damage the tube. Do the same on the inside of the tire, making sure also that whatever punctured the tube is no longer there.

11) Inflate the inner tube with a small amount of air. Stand the wheel up and push the valve through the hole in the wheel about half way. Then insert the inner tube fully into the tire. Lay the wheel down and slip a part of the tire bead under the rim. Push the bead under the rim all the way around the tire with your thumbs and fingertips. You will need to use more strength as you get to the last few inches. Try to resist using the lever, as this could damage the tube.

12) Stand the wheel up. Grab the valve and move it from side to side to make sure it is seated properly; it should point straight out of the hole and feel unrestricted.

13) Replace the wheel on to the bike and secure the brakes and any other components. Inflate the tire to the recommended pressure and then lower the bike to the ground.

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