ATV Snow Plow Hook-Up

If your driveway is too large to shovel by hand, and you don’t want to invest in a snow blower that is useful only during the winter months, you can use an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) equipped with a snowplow. ATVs are useful machines to have if you own a large amount of property; they can get you from one area to another quickly and easily and can be used with several different attachments, including a snowplow.


1)Β Mount the plow bracket to the frame of your ATV. The hardware required to properly mount the plow bracket will be included with the plow bracket itself. Typical mounting hardware includes bolts, washers and nuts. The plow bracket is mounted to the front of the frame between the front tires of the ATV. It remains in place whether or not you have the snowplow mounted to it.

2)Β Examine the plow bracket to ensure it has not affected the steering radius or ground clearance of your ATV. If you’ve purchased the correct plow and plow mount, the mount should fit without jeopardizing any of the ATV’s performance.

3)Β Attach the snowplow blade to the plow bracket by setting the arms of the plow into the designated areas on the plow bracket. Hold the plow in place by inserting the mounting hardware in the correct locations. The mounting hardware may be bolts and nuts or bolts and cotter pins. Many snowplow manufacturers use bolt-and-cotter-pin assemblies to allow the user to quickly mount and remove the snowplow. The mounting pins are located on each plow arm and should be installed so the cotter pin is toward the inside of the mount.

Extra Tips:

*When shopping for a snowplow for your ATV, pick a manufacturer that makes a snowplow that is easy to remove and mount. Some snowplows work well, but are a hassle to mount and dismount every year. Many snowplows are made with mounting bolts and cotter pins that allow you to mount or remove the plow in minutes.

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