Pirelli Scorpion Rally 2009 Dakar Championship-Winning Tires

Pirelli Tires: The Peak Of High Performance

  • Pirelli is known worldwide as a leader
    in high-performance motorcycle and
    automotive tires
  • Pirelli’s investment as the spec-tire for
    World Superbike competition has led to
    numerous innovations that made their way
    into the Diablo Corsa III, Diablo Rosso and
    – in 2010 – the Diablo Rossa Corsa
  • The Scorpion MX lineup continues to
    garner podiums in all levels of off-road
    racing, including AMA Supercross, AMA
    Outdoor Motocross, GNCC and many other
    series. In 2009, Pirelli won its 51st World
    Motocross Championship
  • Pirelli won the 2009 Can-Am GNCC
    Championship XC1 title Scorpion Rally 2009 Dakar Rally Championship-Winning Tires:
  • Pirelli continues to develop high-performance, racewinning
    tires for the Scorpion family – the Scorpion Rally,
    which had a two-year development cycle, captured first and
    second place in the 2009 Dakar Rally
  • The front knob layout of the Rally is designed to give
    directional stability, even during high-speed riding
  • The rear knobs provide rotational traction for the most
    demanding terrains
  • With a new Advanced Mixing Process, the Scorpion Rally
    resists fatigue and has a long-life performance
  • All of these components are complemented by an innovative
    tire structure that guarantees world-class performance with
    a tire that has a high resistance to puncture
  • DOT-approved front and rear; R speed-rated

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