How to Install a Suzuki RM 125 Clutch Cable

The RM 125 was Suzuki’s entry-level dirt bike, allowing new or younger riders to hone their skills before moving onto larger, more challenging machines. Like most dirt bikes, the RM 125 used a steel cable to engage and disengage the clutch. The rigors of off-road riding can cause the clutch cable to snap over time, calling for a complete replacement of the cable. Although the process of removing the old cable and installing a new one is relatively straightforward, the cable must be routed properly to prevent it from binding.


1) Push the new clutch cable’s inner cable into a cable-lubricating tool, then clamp the tool around the outer cable sleeve. Spray a cable-lubricating oil into the tool, using an applicator straw, until lubricant drips out from the opposite end of the clutch cable. Remove the tool and wipe away any spilled lubricant from the outer cable sleeve with a shop towel.

2) Pull the rubber dust cover off the lower clutch cable adjuster, located behind the magneto cover, on the left side of the engine. Loosen the adjuster lock nut, using a 12 mm open-end wrench. Twist the adjuster clockwise, until it is seated against the engine crankcase cover, to loosen the clutch cable.

3) Unscrew the magneto cover bolts, using an 8 mm socket and a socket wrench. Pull the cover away from the engine crankcase to reveal the clutch release arm, located on the right side of the magneto chamber.

4) Pull the cable end out of the clutch release arm. Twist the lower cable adjuster counterclockwise until it is free from the engine crankcase. Pull the cable end out of the engine crankcase.

5) Pull the rubber dust cover off the upper clutch cable adjuster, located at the end of the clutch lever perch, on the left handlebar. Loosen the cable adjuster lock nut by hand, then twist the adjuster clockwise until it is seated against the clutch lever perch. Align the notch cut into adjuster and the lock nut with the clutch lever perch’s notch. Pull the clutch cable out through the notch, then pull the cable end out from the bottom of the clutch lever.

6) Pull the clutch cable out from the motorcycle’s frame and through the front fork.

7) Push the new clutch cable through the opening between the front numberplate and the right fork leg. Pull the clutch cable against the motorcycle’s upper frame rail, then route it under the upper radiator hose. Pull the clutch cable to the left side of the engine.

8) Push the lower cable end into the engine crankcase and into the magneto chamber. Hook the cable end into the clutch release arm. Screw the lower cable adjuster into the crankcase until it is seated completely.

9) Slip the upper cable end into the bottom of the clutch lever, then pull the inner cable through the notch cut into the clutch lever perch, upper cable adjuster and the adjuster lock nut.

10) Twist the lower cable adjuster clockwise until it is mounted halfway into the engine crankcase. Tighten the adjuster lock nut with a 12 mm open-end wrench. Pull the rubber dust cover over the lower cable adjuster.

11) Turn the upper cable adjuster counterclockwise until the clutch lever moves 1/8-inch before pulling the clutch cable. Tighten the upper adjuster lock nut against the clutch lever perch. Pull the rubber dust cover over the upper cable adjuster.

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