How to Install Studs on a Snowmobile

Installing snowmobile studs is not as hard as you may think. You can save money and install the studs yourself without having a snowmobile dealer do it for you. Make sure you take your time and use the right equipment. If a service manual comes with your snowmobile, you should have it on hand to refer to as well.


1)ย Consult your dealer about the right amount of studs to install on your track. If possible, turn off the valve and then take off the drive belt. Lift up the mud flap to work with the snowmobile. Place the track template over the track ribs. Use a white pen to mark which holes are going to be drilled.

2)ย Drill the holes that were marked on the track template. Don’t remove the track template. Install the snowmobile studs. Push the studs through the holes from underneath until the heads are all the way through the track.

3)ย Slide the backers on top of the studs and then screw the nuts on the studs. Use the torque wrench to hold the studs in place and then tighten the nuts with a socket wrench firmly. Check to see if each stud is secure. Reassemble your parts.

Extra Tips:

*ย Use tunnel protectors when you install snowmobile studs and ask your dealer which ones to use.

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