How to Replace the Headlights on a Victory Vision

If the headlights on your Victory Vision cruiser motorcycle are burnt out, you can replace them yourself without having to take it into a mechanic. Unlike many motorcycles, no extraneous parts need to be removed, such as the fairing, and no special tools are required. The Victory Vision uses H4 headlight bulbs that can be purchased at most auto parts stores or through online vendors. Expect the entire replacement process to take less than 30 minutes.


1)ย Look for two screws on the right side of the instrument bezel. Remove these two screws with a screwdriver.

2)ย Pull off the right instrument bezel.

3)ย Press inward on the headlight wiring harness revealed when you removed the instrument bezel. Pull the headlight wiring harness off of the rear of the headlight assembly.

4)ย Put on a pair of latex gloves. Disengage the retaining clip holding the headlight bulb in place by pressing the clip inward. Pull the headlight out of the headlight assembly.

5)ย Insert the replacement headlight bulb into the headlight assembly. Secure it in place with the retaining clip. Plug in the headlight wiring harness. Replace the instrument bezel.

6)ย Repeat the above steps for the left headlight bulb.

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