How do I Replace a Kawasaki KX 125 Fork Seal?

KX 125, part of the racing line of motocross dirt bikes that Kawasaki offers, boasts a powerful two-stroke 125 cc engine made to run on a dirt track. The two fork seals on this bike are located in the center of the front forks. The front forks connect at the front wheel. A defective fork seal on a KX 125 needs immediate replacement to avoid the danger of a malfunction and the possibility of injury.


1)Β Raise the KX 125 off the ground using the motorcycle jack. Locate the bolts at the top of each front fork at the point where the forks meet the handle bars. Loosen the bolts using the Allen wrench and pull the clamp off the tops of the forks.

2)Β Pry the fork seal from the fork using the flat head screw driver and slide the seal up the fork and then off the fork. Slide the new fork seal onto the fork and push down on the new seal until the seal locks into place in the center of the fork.

3)Β Replace the clamp to the tops of the forks and tighten the clamp using the Allen wrench. Push down on the handle bar a few times to ensure that no fork oil leaks from the fork with the new seal on it. If the new seal leaks, return it for a new one.

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