Acerbis MX-Style Skid Plates Review

Finding the right skid plate for your machine can be a tricky ordeal, because you need just the right balance between protection and performance. In other words, you want to find something that weighs less than a standard cinder block while still guarding your bikeโ€™s underside from all the nasty stuff the great outdoors may throw at it. Oh, and all without changing or altering frame flex, please. Acerbis (pronounced uh-chair-bees) has what it feels is the perfect skid plate for both MX and off-road usage, and itโ€™s made of-you guessed it-plastic. The crafty Italians at Acerbis have a knack for manufacturing sturdy, lightweight plastic components, and the skid plate follows this trend of simplicity and protection.

To install the plastic skid plate on a Honda 450, I simply unbolted the stock components, slam-dunked them into the trash can and mounted up the new unit. Due to the locking-rear of the plate, only one bolt is necessary, but despite this Spartan design I never had the skid plate come loose. I did see a similar Acerbis plate lying in the middle of the track at Glen Helen one Thursday, but Iโ€™m guessing that dude had never heard of Loctite.As expected, the Acerbis setup didnโ€™t change the handling of the bike at all.

With its low weight and non-rigid design, the plate wasnโ€™t even noticeable while riding. Like most skid plates, this one catches a fair amount of dirt, but itโ€™s so easy to remove this didnโ€™t bug me. The plastic surface of the skid plate sits well on a bike stand, and it was a cinch to clean off with a power washer.

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