Camoplast Tracktion Control System Pre-Drilled Tracks Review

  • Product integrity of each track has been enhanced to alleviate any possibilities of elongated issues.
  • Lightweight clip design, standard on traction control tracks, helps dissipate clip heat-up, increasing the life and performance of slides.
  • Holes are processed using a machine to provide consistent hole diameters and locations; improving safety and longevity.
  • Instructions included with track will denote specific stud and support plate part numbers to simplify the dealer and consumer purchasing process. This should reduce the chance of improper studding, which could result in safety issues, as well as premature product failure.
    From Camoplast, the world leaders in snowmobile track technology and Woodyโ€™s, the premier manufacturer of traction studs, comes a โ€œtraction control systemโ€. These revolutionary tracks are manufactured with 144 pre-drilled holes in the center belting on 121โ€ track and 162 pre-drilled holes on 136โ€ track to accommodate your choice of studs. Included with each track will be literature identifying Woodyโ€™s stud part numbers, support plate part numbers and installation instructions. Instructions are also included to complete a 96 stud pattern in the already existing 144 holes on 121โ€ tracks. Available in Series 1 and Series 2.
    Camoplast will grant a 1 year warranty from the time of purchase from a certified dealer if the following instructions are in compliance:
    1. Claim form completed and sent to Camoplast with the track.
    2. Installation instructions checklist were followed.
    3. Original receipt of purchase presented with claim form.
    Camoplast will not cover any stud warranties. Stud warranty claims must be filed using Woodyโ€™s criteria.
  • Ice Tech Series
  • Simplicity and installation free.
  • Improved acceleration on ice.
  • Improved braking on ice.
  • Improved control and stability on ice.
  • Improved traction on hard surfaces.
    The Ice Attak is factory, pre-studded Hacksaw derivative that provides superior handling and control on hard packed trails. The Ice Ripper XT pre-studded Rip Saw derivative the uses sharp tip studs for better bite. Both tracks promote a safer riding experience and maximize traction on ice and hard packed snow

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